Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hi 08S114 :D

So I've just created this Blog for us, Will be sending yall the User/PW so yall can Blog for the class anytime ^^

Its now the June Holidays :) Rest, Relax and Recharge for the Next Half of the year alrights? Study hard for Midyears so we can prove ourselves and make our teachers proud! (Cough)Math(Cough)

That aside, Shall we have a Class outing this June - amidst all the crazy mugging (Lol)?

Date : Tentatively 3rd week of Hols (9th - 13th that week)? OR After Econs Make Up (<--- This one better right?)!

Agenda : 1) Watch movie, have lunch, etc OR 2) Cycling + Picnic?

Any other suggestions???

Pls Email t Me (Natalie duh -.-) ASAP ThankQ.

P.S Can anyone please help out t create a nice nice template and touch up this blog? I dont rly know how t do much ):

W/ lotsa Lov,

Natalie :D

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