Saturday, August 2, 2008

okaye,sorry for the late's the class jersey that me and nat went to see just now...

this is the black and lime green one,there's one more the grey and lime green(nt yellow as stated in nat's msg)but i cant take picture of that,gold printing is $20 bucks,suits the black jersey,but for the grey one,we tink that white printing is nicer..and the price is around $18-20..

i'll be taking the size S and nat wants L,for deborah,tucky,denise,those small size girls,i tink u are can take XS,cuz it's nt much different..the sizes available are XS-XXL,yep,den please sms me ur size together with the colour of the shirt u wan,if u can,tell me the name u wan to put on ur shirt oso.pls take note ure going to wear this with sch my opinion i tink black and lime green is nicer la,but yep,we'll follow the majority...

we are oso ordering one for mr yep,pls sms me by 9pm if cant,tmr is the last day for u to confirm everything as we're going to order by monday,if nt we scared that there wil nt be stocks.we'll be paying with class fund first,tue we'll collect money again.thannkiew vv much.

those under nat's line pls msg her,those under mine pls msg me,9pm that is.arigatou =)

08S114 : Love

#01 Nina
#02 Joanne
#03 Denise
#04 Han Lu
#05 Janelle
#06 Jessie
#07 Tuck Heng
#08 Jasmine
#09 Deborah
#10 Xin Yi
#11 Natalie
#12 Dina
#13 Ain
#14 Sherilyn
#15 Hui Xin
#16 Nisha
#17 Jonathan
#18 Lionel
#19 Matthias
wonderful Mr Lau!
& super preeeeeetty Miss Gunawan!


Hui Xin
Tuck Heng
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